Mamaearth Mosquito Repellent Gel - Review

Chennai is having an extended Summer. Surya devta is leaving no stones unturned to shower his blessings on us. No signs of good monsoon here except for occasional drizzling. Yet macharji ke 'Atithi Devo Bhava' ke naare jaari hai. Bin bhulaaye aa jaate hai. Hume shanti se na jeene dete hai na sone dete hai.
But fikar not!! Mama layi Mamaearth se repellent gel!
🔸  repellent gel is amazing just like all of their products from the repellent range.
🔸 The gel comes in a tube packaging which makes it travel friendly.
🔸 The gel is like a thick cream form but spreads easily and evenly on skin.
🔸 💯 percent Natural deet free protection
🔸Made from blend of natural active Citronella, Lemongrass and Lavender Oil
🔸Gives 8 hours protection from mosquitoes
🔸Protects from Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya
🔸 It's a kids safe even if accidently ongested by the child while applying
🔸no parabens, mineral oil, insecticides, DEET, SLES

Economically priced at  Rs. 99 for 5…

'No screen time' made the best of Sunday

Sunday done right!!

Yuv and Papa decided we will do our boys thing and lets make something rather than watching tv. We are learning Ocean theme this month and what better to make a Submarine to dive in the world of Sea Animals.

Our Xplorabox was perfect for this activity. Yuv learnt about Submarine and how it can dive inside the ocean and let you explore the underwater world. He also learnt about the periscope used in Submarines, though in simple words.

I was quite amazed by the materials used in this activity. The periscope was actually working so well. He had fun moving his submarine all around the house and showed his Dadu how submarine periscopes work.

Xplorabox are theme based monthly subscription boxes which makes learning easythrough fun. We selected the ocean theme and love it. It has 5 different activities related to Ocean and each activity is seperated packed with all the necessary items. They provide
Age appropriate theme boxes from the age of 2 to 8 years old.


Superbottoms Cover Diaper Review

A lot of you have asked me why I invest in Cover diapers when you can do so with AIO and that’s when I realised I have not yet talked about Cover diapers in detail.
Reviewing the Superbottoms Cover Diaper Gully Cricket in this post. But first, about the brand-

SuperBottoms – The Brand

An Indian Brand that is run by an all-time team. It is India's first CPSIA(Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified brand. Their diapers are Super Trim (30% trimmer than other brands) and quite affordable too. They sell diapers in New Born and free/one sizes.

SuperBottoms Cover Diaper

Cover Diapers are diapers with water resistant outer cover and removable soakers inside. The soaker is made of a dry feel micro-suede layer on top which is safe for baby's skin as it gives the baby's skin dry of urine. Cover diapers are best for day time as baby pees more when awake.
Once the soaker/insert is full, you can change the pad and reuse the outer cover.  However do note to use a washed soaker…

Mamaearth Mosquito Patches- Review

We have been using the Mamaearth mosquito patches for a month now and we must say we are loving it. .
The pack comes in cute white box with 24 patches, packed in 2 reseable pouches with 12 patches in it. The glue is strong enough for 2-3 times of pulling and sticking it back.

How does it work:
✔️ 100% natural blend of Citronella, Eucalyptus, Peppermint Oil & Lemon extract
✔️ These patches protect your little ones from mosquito bites which causes Dengue, Malaria and Chikangunya
✔️ Made of DEET free and contains no harmful chemicals, insecticides or pesticides.
✔️ Whaterproof, so can be used for indoor and outdoors
✔️ To be pasted on kids clothes, cot, pram or schoolbag

My take:
Though it says that it protects for 12 hours, I can't be sure of it as my son pulls it out within the second he notices it and stays playing with the glue. So we stick it on his bag or on his back. Oh, by the way, it does leave any residue on clothes or bag too. The smell is quite pleasant, s…

Soul Baby Shoes -Review

I have always avoided buckled or strappy shoes for J and used only aocks for him to keep his feet warm. Until I came across Soul's Baby Shoes. I felt I have finally found the perfect pair for him.

 So what's so special about Soul's Soft footwear? Well,
•Soul Footwear is made of special sherpa insole which assure soft cushioning on hard surfaces.
•The inner surface is soft as fur and I love touching it all the time, before I wear him the shoes.
•The soles are made of faux suede which gives it a good grip and stretches well
•It's an ideal choice for infant's first shoes as they are easy to slip on and elastic end helps to fasten the shoes securely.
•They are great for indoors and outdoors like smooth, grassy and similar surfaces.
•Ideal for toddlers too, as it can withstand wear and tear.
•Made of soft and breathable fabrics, it adapts well to the changing temperatures.

Soul Soft Footwear are available for newborns to toddler upto 2years.
They come in differe…

Soul Accessories

If you think Soul Slings are just about carriers and ring slings, then you are wrong. Soul has a vareity of other products for babies and mommies too. I am going to review and talk about few products/accessories in this blog. So here it is:

Soul Blankets:
To be honest, my initial impression of Soul Blanket was not that great. But then I was proved wrong. The blankets are generously sized and big enough to be used by both the kids, who sleep snuggly to each other. The fabric gets softer by use and my babies are loving it. Also, when folded it does not take much space in the bag.

The designs are so cool and not baby-like (so mamma steals them sometime as her shawl). We carry these along with us to everywhere, from restaurants, house parties, night outs and even to movies. These look so cool and chic and we get people gazing at us.
Priced at Rs. 750
Buy Soul Blankets here

Soul Bibs:
Soul Bibs are one of the coolest addition to their range of accessories for babies. I have 2 boys and have …

Superbottoms Underpants Review

Ms. Ellie is here!
Superbottoms SuperUnderpants or Training Pants are not ordinary underwears. I had eye on them from long and grabbed it then these were restocked.

So what are training pants?

🔹Training pants are called so because they are great to help potty train babies.

🔹Superbottoms Superpants are Reusable padded pants made with 100% ultra soft 3 layer cotton padding on the inside.

🔹They are very good for diaper free time.

🔹These come with thin padding to help absorb 1 to 2 urine.

🔹It has a waterproof crotch area to ensure that a child’s garments do not get soiled.

🔹They are non-dry feel for babies to feel and understand wetness.

🔹Mess Free Removal - They come with side snap to open and remove easily if baby poops.

🔹They have 2 rows of snaps making them generous in size and perfect fit.

🔹Available in 2 sizes Small (5-10kgs babies) and Large(10-20 kgs). However size also depends on how chubby or lean the baby is.

Also available in another cool print called Tabby. Go check…