Soul Baby Shoes -Review

I have always avoided buckled or strappy shoes for J and used only aocks for him to keep his feet warm. Until I came across Soul's Baby Shoes. I felt I have finally found the perfect pair for him.

 So what's so special about Soul's Soft footwear? Well,
•Soul Footwear is made of special sherpa insole which assure soft cushioning on hard surfaces.
•The inner surface is soft as fur and I love touching it all the time, before I wear him the shoes.
•The soles are made of faux suede which gives it a good grip and stretches well
•It's an ideal choice for infant's first shoes as they are easy to slip on and elastic end helps to fasten the shoes securely.
•They are great for indoors and outdoors like smooth, grassy and similar surfaces.
•Ideal for toddlers too, as it can withstand wear and tear.
•Made of soft and breathable fabrics, it adapts well to the changing temperatures.

Soul Soft Footwear are available for newborns to toddler upto 2years.
They come in differe…

Soul Accessories

If you think Soul Slings are just about carriers and ring slings, then you are wrong. Soul has a vareity of other products for babies and mommies too. I am going to review and talk about few products/accessories in this blog. So here it is:

Soul Blankets:
To be honest, my initial impression of Soul Blanket was not that great. But then I was proved wrong. The blankets are generously sized and big enough to be used by both the kids, who sleep snuggly to each other. The fabric gets softer by use and my babies are loving it. Also, when folded it does not take much space in the bag.

The designs are so cool and not baby-like (so mamma steals them sometime as her shawl). We carry these along with us to everywhere, from restaurants, house parties, night outs and even to movies. These look so cool and chic and we get people gazing at us.
Priced at Rs. 750
Buy Soul Blankets here

Soul Bibs:
Soul Bibs are one of the coolest addition to their range of accessories for babies. I have 2 boys and have …

Superbottoms Underpants Review

Ms. Ellie is here!
Superbottoms SuperUnderpants or Training Pants are not ordinary underwears. I had eye on them from long and grabbed it then these were restocked.

So what are training pants?

🔹Training pants are called so because they are great to help potty train babies.

🔹Superbottoms Superpants are Reusable padded pants made with 100% ultra soft 3 layer cotton padding on the inside.

🔹They are very good for diaper free time.

🔹These come with thin padding to help absorb 1 to 2 urine.

🔹It has a waterproof crotch area to ensure that a child’s garments do not get soiled.

🔹They are non-dry feel for babies to feel and understand wetness.

🔹Mess Free Removal - They come with side snap to open and remove easily if baby poops.

🔹They have 2 rows of snaps making them generous in size and perfect fit.

🔹Available in 2 sizes Small (5-10kgs babies) and Large(10-20 kgs). However size also depends on how chubby or lean the baby is.

Also available in another cool print called Tabby. Go check…

Soul Sun Hat Review

Summer and sharp sunrays are so common, and so are kids and their outdoor plays. It gets difficult to control them and why should we even? I was worried about Yuv and the kind of Summer heat waves my city was offering but just in time I came to know about Soul Hats. It became so much easy for us.

Why Soul Sun Hat?
Soul Sun Hat helps in generously shading the baby from heat and dust. The crown area ensures that it fits perfectly on the head and the brim shades the eyes but not covering them. They also come with straps on either side with buttons to snap and fasten in the end keeping the hat sturdy on the head.

These are handmade in premium linen and handover pure cotton nikat fabric by working mothers at Soul. The fabric is soft and non-prickly.

Washing and Maintenance:
The Sun Hats are east to wash and dry, however I recommend you to spot-clean on minor stains and washing only if required. It can be hand washed or machine washed (delicate cycle). Use gentle detergents to mainta…

MamaEarth Foaming Face wash Review

Yuv's vacations are still on and it's getting difficult to keep him stay away from sand and dust. He keeps running around in the lane and sweats a lot, which makes dirt stick on his face and neck. It is a bigger task to make him clean his face everytime he enters the house. But thanks to Mamaearth  Foaming Face Wash, it makes my job easier. Yuv comes in takes the foam in his hands and washes his face on his own and I am a Happy Mama.
So why is this Face wash different?
🌿 Cleanses impurities like dirt and grime without drying out the sensitive and delicate skin of kids.

 🌿It is infused with Coconut based cleansers, Calendula extract, Aloe vera and Lavender oil which nourishes the skin while cleansing.

🌿Soap free and pH balanced formula with natural ingredients is gentle on eyes.

🌿All ingredients used are dermatologically tested, natural and free of toxins and irritants. They are gentle and totally safe on kids skin.

🌿Free of Mineral Oil, Petroleum, SLS, Paraben, Synthetic…

Babywearing - what to and what not to

In my earlier blog, I spoke about benefits of babywearing to your baby. This blog I am going to talk about what to do when babywearing and most importantly what not to do. So why is this needed now? For years we have been babywearing, especially the traditional wrap way with old clothes and sarees. We did not have a book or blog to tell us how to do it. Then why need to 'learn' to baby wear now? Back in the days, we had moms, aunts, grannies, cousins to help us out. They would learn from someone else , do it themselves and teach the next set of parents. There were no strollers. You were not ‘expected’ to wear your child. There was no other option, so you had to know how to do it.

So I will be summing up few things that you have to do and not to do while babywearing.

The GOOD's:

•The higher the baby on your body, will be easier on the back.

•The closer the baby to you, it will be easier on your body.

•Babies gain head support only after few months of birth, always make sure…

Why my baby cries when not held up in arms

'There is no better feeling in the world than holding your precious child'

J wants to be held up and close to me all the time. He doesn't like to be carried by anyone else too. The moment I put him down or give any other care taker to hold him, he cries his lungs out. He cries constantly for quite a long time and now its getting difficult for me to finish my chores or even step out of the house without him.
So why is that some babies would always need their parents all the time?
The soothing motion of their mother's body is what they are used to since the time they were in the womb. These babies would need/crave for their parents touch or any contact with the body like arms, breasts or held up close even in bed. Basically, any kind of constant contact. Some babies would not only want to held in arms but would also want motion. Like, rocking on the lap or constantly be walking around.

So what do you do when your baby cries when not held up?🤷
 Be patient. When your…