Mama Earth - Review

Most of us are familiar with brand and this has become a household name. Mama Earth is so good for mumma's and babies that they are worth mentioning often.

Recently, I received 2 of their products and have been using them since a week;

🍃 Mama Earth Essential Body Oil:  Made from 10 different oils, like Sea buckthorn oil, almond oil, olive oil, argan oil, green tea oil and more. It makes the skin soft and supple. It works on stretching skin which means can help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

➡My take:
Since my marks are very older (had them during my 1st pregnancy), it will take time to lighten them. Currently I am using it as after bath body oil for moisturizing my skin. The smell of rose is quite strong ( I do not like rose fragrance). Though it has oils, it is non-sticky and easily absorbing to the skin.

 🍃 Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll on:  This product is perfect for colicy babies. It has Hing oil, Dill seed oil, fennel oil and few others. As the na…

Can we fight ADHD?

There are few things you can learn only during the storm! I thought I was completely prepared for the worst when Yuv was to be born. We had a very turbulent pregnancy and I thought the worse is over and my miracle baby is meant to be born. (Yes, ‘Miracle’ my pregnancy was not an easy one. Maybe this will need another post altogether) Yuvaan was born and like any parent, we were taking great care of him and going through regular development assessment with the doctors.
Jump to 2 years forward,  just when we thought everything is going well. We noticed he was not responding to his name yet, neither he was talking, uttering any word other than ‘amma’. We went to his development and growth specialist and she suggested we go to a therapist for she had doubts about him being on the Autism Spectrum. Quickly, we took an appointment and met the suggested therapist for an assessment. I had known about autism and did not want to wait anymore as I got worried by then. The therapist asked me zill…

My Sisters, My Valentine.

We know that Valentine's day is celebrated as a couple's day. But this trend is changing and many swear by celebrating it with expressing our love for family, parents and friends. Ofcourse, none of us would be here without our parents. But many of us forget our brothers and sisters.
They have shared so many of the defining moments of our lives. This is my V day letter to my beautiful sisters with whom I still fight like cats and dogs.

Dear Sisters, From the very moment I saw you in Mum's hand. I fell in love with you. I was filled with happiness, for I have become an elder. I was happy that I can boss over someone for my tiny chores like getting me a glass of water, fetching my school bag.
Now I will be the teacher when we play 'School School'.I will be your nurse when you get hurt while playing. I will be your coach when you want to learn cycle. I will be your mother when you are messy while eating. I will be your police woman and protect you when other childr…

Thinking skills...

As Jack Ma once said - If we do not change the way we teach, 30years down we wil be in trouble. And yes, I take this in the context of building thinking skills.
I have noticed many a times, some mothers (and fathers), in the name of parenting and guidance, spoon feed (not literally) their children in every walks of life. Guidance is important but there is a line between the sides.
Learning to think critically is one of the most important skill our children will need in future. Children must be able to much more than repeat a list of facts; they need to be critical thinkers who can make sense of information, analyze, compare, contrast, make inferences, and generate higher order thinking skills.

We can inbuild some in them right from toddlerhood:

1. Ask them open ended questions. They can be from simple to complex ones according to their age. Like:
 a. What would you like to wear today?
 b. What do you think mumma is doing?
 c. How do you think this lunch is made? What all have I added…

We love to nurture Mother Earth

Being a nature admirer, I always teach my babies to care, love and foremost respect mother Earth. I, earlier, posted on Instagram about how Yuv was introduced to the nature and how he loves watering plants.

At a recent holiday, I introduced Baby J to the plants. We were surrounded with trees and plants all the time. And, everytime we walked past, I would make J feel all the different plants, their texture and talk to him about how important they are. (I know, sounds silly! But, yes talking to them all the time is very important). Nurturing mother Earth and co-survival is what I want to bring in them. In a city life, it's quite difficult to teach them how all flora and fauna co-exits. But when we are at such holidays, I do not leave a chance!

Also, coincidently, Yuv and Jiyu's first trip as been to God's Own Country - Kerala.

2017, the year that was!

2017 has been a great great year!!
 It started with me being two months preggy and elated to-be mum again!! (But my vomits and nausea made worst new year eve ever).  Had good results and hopes with Yuv’s Speech therapies. He started intiation in communication. (Yes, he is a Speech delay boy! But that doesn’t make him any less than others. ) Baby J arrived and brightened our lives! (Best thing happened to us this year). Yuv became a BIG CRAZY BRO and we became crazier referees in progress.  I started blogging on Insta. (Yes, I found my hidden talent. Though a lot is to be learnt and fine tuned yet. But hey! You can always learn.)  My homeschooling started getting appreciated and recognized. People actually started realizing its part of Slow Parenting, and not that I am rushing on him. At Motherhood front, I am stilling juggling between giving good amount of time to both my kids and developing the sibling bond by giving both of them equal time with each other.

Will you have a second child?

This was the question I was very often asked when Yuv was just few months old. And my answer has always been YES,YES AND YES!
And why not? That was the question I asked back. We wanted sibling for Yuv to play along, to love, care, fight and protect each other. .
Since Yuv had ADHD and is still under Speech Delay, people (who never learnt to mind their own business) found my decision silly and irresponsible to have a second child, thinking I cannot give enough time to Yuv. They had the audacity to even tell me on face( even when I was preggy with Baby J) that how could I even plan! .
I didn’t mind/bother to reply them back! And why would I? Its mine and my husband’s decision. We both have great family to support us, to support and help us. And yes, we knew Yuv would love being a big bro! He was the happiest when J arrived. Can’t stand a single hour without him. He is been helping in all his chores from getting his clothes to changing nappies. He even brings my feeding cape as soon as hi…