Tirupati Darshan with Soul Slings

So last weekend, we went for Tirupati Balaji Darshan and many of you asked me how did I manage the long queues with an infant?
Well, here are the quick guidlines for a hassle-free darshan with a baby:

1. The Tirumala temple has a special queue for families with infant (babies below 12 months of age). The baby can be accompanied with mother, father and a sibling under 12years of age.

2. Do carry original proof of each members of the family. Print copy of the birth certificate of the children will do.

3. The men has to wear mandatory traditional wear probably a vesti and the women can wear salwar kurta with dupatta or a saree.

4. You can ask your driver of the car to take you directly to the special queue entrance to avoid walking for long.

5. The Darshan can take from 1 hour to 3-4 hours depending on the rush on the day.

6.This darshan is free of cost for the family. However they charge Rs.40 for a family for the prasad laddoos. (Pack of 4) but it is optional.

7. They allow you to Car…

Cleaning the Anoona off the Holi colour

*Late Post*

I have been procrastinating this video from long and finally its up.

Last month, we played Holi with Baby J in the carrier. (Post in the grid) And  it should be, the whole @soulslings Anoona was in colour and as promised this is my video on how I cleaned my Anoona to spotless and ready to use again without washing it out.

If your @soulslings carrier gets soiled, you can spot clean it with a damp cloth or sponge; or you can even use wet wipes to clean it.

Let me know how did you like the video. (My first attempt at video posts).
Open to suggestions...

Heal Anoona Review

When I was pregnant with Baby J, I came across the term 'Babywearing' and it caught my attention immediately. I was worried back then because soon there would be many occasions where I have to solely handle two kids. I joined many babywearing groups and most of the mothers recommended Soul Slings as the best brand for baby carriers. I was sold over the Anoona range and I ordered one even before Baby J was born as I could not content my eagerness. So you can say I have been associated with babywearing even before actually wearing my baby.

About the Brand Soul
Now coming to Soul, it’s an Indian brand, made in Bangalore, Karnataka; run by Chinmayie Bhat (also a mother of two) and her husband Ravindra. The carriers are made of Indian fabrics and are handcrafted by skilled workers. Their buckles are of good quality and they adhere to strict quality regulations.

About Heal Anoona
I got to host the Heal Anoona which is part of their new Gradient series of carriers. ˜Anoona" (mean…

Why I recommend Cloth Diapers

When Yuv was born, doctors advised me to keep him strictly on Disposable Diapers and not to use the old-school cloth nappies which our Mummas and grandmas used. He was 24/7 on diapers and I would ich everytime I threw the disposable in the dustbin, as I was adding so much to the already pilled landfills. After he was a year old, I came to know about Cloth Diapering and man! I was so relieved. I immediately kick started with it and never looked behind. Though I was partially cloth diapering him with using disposables at our outing gigs, when Baby J was to born I swore by, not to use disposables at all. And  now we have come a long way!

What is cloth diapering?

          Cloth diapers are an excellent choice for the new age conscientious parents. They are the modern versions of the cloth nappies our moms and grandmas used. They are reusable, leak proof, economical and not harsh on environment. They are free from fragrances, harmful chemicals, plastic/ paper. They have good capacity wher…

Heal Soul Anoona

Summer is officially here and also are summer trips and holidays. Step out with your munchkin without the fear of harsh heat rays.
I always use the hooded cover when i am out in sun. It protects J from the harmful rays and also gives him visibility of the surroundings.

Also, it looks well as a cover when I am breastfeeding him on the go. It's a detachable hood as I can remove it when I know it's not needed. Its a win-win situation for us.

This is Heal Anoona, from Soul’s new series of Gradient carriers. I loved hosting this carrier and was mesmerised by its colour. I have to admit I didn't want to let go of it.
Check Soul Slings for a wide variety of carriers and accessories.

Rekindle love

Sometime s you can't let go. It's been 2 days I parted with this beautiful Heal Anoona by Soul, which I was hosting as a Travelling Carrier. I loved the colours and how seamlessly its gradations were.
The carrier was light and airy and we had great time hosting it.

Why is it so special for me?
Well, when I was packing it, to be sent to the next host, to spread love and cuddles, my husband told me "I must admit this carrier looked beautiful on you". And there, I was blushing with rosy cheeks. It was quite surprising for me because I, foolishly, thought he has stopped noticing me. But hell No, he does notice me and he does it every time.

Well this beautiful gradient Anoona by Soul Slings has become more special as not only it provided love and cuddles to my baby but also rekindled the romance which I felt is fading away.
Thank you Soul for this everlasting memory.

Lacing Art

Did you know the journey to be correctly be able to write starts before your child actually even know to form letters and shapes? It's the lacing activities. It starts with strength in of fine motor skills. With grasp the tip of the ribbon, they are building their pincer grip which is crucial for writing
skills. They also learn patterns through the act of lacing or weaving. 

I recently bought this dressing up lacing book for Yuv. It helps us have good fine motor skilling up and also improves the concentration. Lacing helps in developing the hand-eye coordination and also use both the hands accordingly as you push the shoe string with one hand and pull with other. I teach him push/pull concept too. It also helps him learn as to how much energy he has to apply to push and pull certain amount of string. And also how to tie knots and make patterns.

You can make a DIY lacing kit at home too. All you need is- ✂️ A felt sheet or a hard card paper. ✂️ A punching box/clip ✂️ Shoe lace and…